Starting from June 19th all visa applications are by electronic appointment only.  Applicants can apply without appointment at the Visa Application Centre.

Documents required for visa application

  1. Current passport which should be valid for a minimum of six months after visa’s expiration date and has at least 2 blank visa pages,
  2. Copy of the passport’s front page;
  3. A printed visa application form, filled in online at and signed by the applicant. Note: incompletely filled in application form may cause a visa denial.
  4. One recent (6 months or less) passport size (3,5 mm x 4,5 mm) photo glued to the indicated space on the application form. Photo requirements.
  5. Insurance policy for the whole period of the stay in Russia (compulsory for Schengen states, Israel and Ireland only). The policy has to state that it covers possible medical expenses on the territory of Russia for the period of your stay there. If covered by Company insurance, a signed letter on the Company letterhead clearly confirming the validity of the insurance in Russia for the entire duration of the journey would suffice.
  6. One copy of valid HKID or Hong Kong Visa (where required, see list)
  7. Additional documents depending on visa type, see below.

Standard processing time of the application: 5 working days


Single/double entry, duration of stay: up to 30 days.

List of the required documents:

  1. Tourist confirmation document, issued by a travel agency or hotel in Russia, registered in the Unified Federal Registry of Tour Operators, signed by an authorized person (aka VISA SUPPORTING DOCUMENT, Russian: «Подтверждение о приеме иностранного туриста»).
  • Original hardcopy is required for nationals of the following countries: Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, Bangladesh, Chad, China (except Hong kong and Macau passport holders), Ethiopia, Georgia, Iran, Iraq, DPRK, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Syria, Vietnam.
  • Information from the confirmation must be duly filled under item 11 of the application form. In case of more than one confirmation (up to three is acceptable) please fill in the first one.
Tourists on board of large cruise ships have the right to stay in the Russian Federation without a visa during 72 hours. They have the right to leave the ship and come back on board the ship only as a part of an organized tourist group as per the list. If a tourist wants to leave the ship alone, he needs a visa.


(Single/double entry, valid up to 30 days)

Can be issued when travelling via Russia to a third country. Maximum duration of stay under transit visa is:

  • when travelling by air: 3 days;
  • when travelling by rail: 10 days;

Including days of arrival and departure (maximum: 72 hours).

1. Copies of your confirmed air/train tickets to and from Russia;

2. A valid visa (IF REQUIRED BY THAT COUNTRY) to the country you want to enter after leaving Russia;

You do not need a transit visa to Russia for 24 hours if you don't leave the transit zone of the airport and do not pass the passport control.
For details on transit zones of some major Russian airports, plese see links below:

Sheremetyevo (Moscow)

Domodedovo (Moscow)

Vnukovo (Moscow)

Pulkovo (Saint-Petersburg)


Single/double/multiple entry, Duration of stay: up to 1 year.

1. The original invitation issued by an appropriate Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs branch or a telex number of the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of Russia / an appropriate government structure electronic invitation.

OR direct invitation from your host entity (for China (Mainland travel document holders), EU, US and Japan citizens) completed in accordance with the relevant international agreement (e.g. full details of the traveller, destinations, duration of stay, number of entries and the purpose of visit). Self-employed and unemployed applicants must show copies of their bank statements for the last three months.

Attn: The invitation MUST CONTAIN: legal address of the host company, Russian Tax Identification Number of the company, document registration number and date of registration, signature and name of the official authorized to invite foreigners to Russia, travel itinerary, dates of stay, name of the invited person.


Single/multiple entry, Duration of stay: up to 1 year.

  1. HIV Test (AIDS) Certificate - hardcopy;
  2. The original invitation issued by an appropriate Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs branch or a telex number of the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of Russia or an appropriate government structure electronic invitation;
  3. Passport must be valid for 1,5 years from the validity start date of the visa.


Single/double entry, Duration of stay: up to 90 days.

If you are going to visit Russia to stay with your relatives or friends, first you should obtain an official invitation and only then apply for a private visa. We only accept original invitation documents issued by an appropriate Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs branch. To obtain such an invitation your relatives or friends need to apply to local office of Ministry of Internal Affairs, or Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

1. Original invitation issued by the Russian Foreign Ministry or its regional representatives or by an appropriate Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs branch;

2. In case of a visit to the Russian Federation for urgent medical reasons / urgent treatment, or to visit a seriously ill (deceased) relative, an applicant should present a certificate issued by a medical institution or a death certificate and a document proving the kindred between the applicant and the ill or deceased relative. Passport’s validity of the applicant should exceed the visa expiry date;

For private visa for spouses or underage children of Russian citizens travelling together, please see Russian version of this website.


  • The Consulate may request additional documentation.
  • Visa processing starts only after we have collected all necessary documents.
  • Visa fee paid is not refundable.
  • In case applicant requests correction in visa due to any reason other than computer misprint, applicant will have to reapply for a new visa.
  • It is not possible to expedite visa processing after your documents have been accepted by the Consulate.
  • The Consulate will not bear any responsibility for the errors in visas, which were not brought to our attention before departure from Hong Kong and beforehand, within time allowing to review such visa.