If a media does not have a permanent representation in Russia it can still accredit a special correspondent for a maximum period of 3 months (the correspondent can be granted single- or double-entry visa). To this end, the following steps should be taken.

1. The editor or deputy should send a letter (with a personal signature) of application for accreditation to:

Mr. Georgiy Vlaskin

Head of the Press Centre of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

119200 Russian Federation, Moscow,

Smolenskaya Sennaya pl., 30, str. 2

The letter should contain details of the media, purpose of visit, duration of stay, itinerary, equipment list, particulars of the journalists to visit Russia and should be sent by an urgent delivery service only. Enclosed must be copies of the journalists' passports (main page). The original copy is required. The letter must be translated into Russian. To expedite the process, a copy can be sent in advance to the Press Centre by e-mail: pc.mid@yandex.ru.

2. In approximately one week after the letter is received the visa support instruction (telex) will be sent to the Russian consulate nearest to the office of the media. The journalists will then be able to apply for the business visa in a usual way.

3. After the journalists arrive in Russia, they should request accreditation at the Press Centre of the MFA. A representative of the journalists' group should present to the Centre copies of visas and 2 color photos 3x4 cm.